WATCH: A Bus Ride to Microscopic Worlds

How a retrofitted old transit bus turned into a fleet of science vehicles engaging students

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Discovering microscopic worlds on board a bus isn’t something that most people can say they’ve done in their lives. However, junior scientist Jaylene Muñoz — and countless other New York City K-12 students — have done just that, thanks to BioBus, a growing fleet of mobile science labs that reach students who may not otherwise have access to meaningful science engagement. Fitted with state-of-the-art microscopes and other equipment, BioBus helps these students realize their full science potential.

It was not until BioBus that Muñoz was able to access a lab and fully indulge her interests in the hidden worlds around her. Now, as a junior scientist, she passes on her own knowledge about science to other curious kids, helping them learn how to use the equipment and funnel their curiosity into doing experiments.

Students find the bus parked right outside of their schools, with scientists like Muñoz on board, and ready to inspire. Through inquiry-based research programs designed to create more positive attitudes toward science, BioBus is helping create the next generation of scientists. In this video, see how BioBus is inspiring students to see the amazing things happening around them every day.

BioBus joined the Science Sandbox community of awardees in 2014.

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