What We Look For

We seek partners who share our passion for bringing science to a wide variety of audiences. To ensure that our grantmaking aligns with our vision, we keep the following values in mind and ask ourselves how a potential project’s goals might align with ours.

Please note that Science Sandbox does not accept unsolicited proposals.

We reimagine what science can look like

through innovative engagement practice. We seek out programs and individuals who don’t see walls between science and the rest of culture, integrating art, design, performance and more. We support people who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take their audiences to incredible and unexpected places. Whether through new/mixed media, stage shows or immersive theater, we believe there’s no limit to the number of ways people can experience science.

We expand identities.

Science shouldn’t conflict with a person’s existing values and interests. We partner with those who affirm, celebrate and center their audiences’ identities and work to reveal the science present in our day-to-day lives. Our leaders in this space understand that in order to engage with a community effectively, you need to first have a connection to that community. We champion their efforts to uplift the voices and perspectives of those who have been historically underrepresented in science engagement efforts.

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