WATCH: Community Engagement, Down to a Science

How a hands-on science museum made a home in Corona, Queens through community-led programming

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Nestled in a corner of Flushing-Meadow Park in Corona, Queens sits the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI), an interactive science museum serving half a million students, teachers, and families each year. Founded during the 1964-65 World’s Fair, NYSCI has spent decades guiding NYC families through the world of science. All of that came to a halt, however, as the COVID-19 virus spread across the world, forcing NYSCI to shut its doors and stop all in-person programming. Now, two years after the beginning of the pandemic, NYSCI is re-opening its doors with a variety of new exhibits and engagement programs to bring back science lovers and newbies alike. NYSCI Neighbors is one of their core programs, formerly led by Marcia Bueno, a lifelong Corona resident. The program, designed for families in Corona (most of whom are immigrant families), provides room for children and their parents to learn and be inspired together.

In this video, see how the NYSCI Neighbors team are approaching science engagement in Corona and throughout NYC.

NOTE: Marcia Bueno left NYSCI after production on this video wrapped. She spent nearly two decades with the museum, and Science Sandbox thanks her for her partnership over the years.

NYSCI joined the Science Sandbox community of awardees in 2016.

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