The Simons Society of Fellows Welcomes Latest Class of Junior Fellows

From top left: Daniel Alabi, Morris Ang, Eric Arsenault, Beatrice Barra, Michael Chapman, Sophie Huiberts, Megan Kirchgessner, Lachlan Lancaster, Oliver Philcox, Cynthia Steinhardt, Andre Toussaint and Lynn Yap

The Simons Foundation is delighted to announce the 2022 class of Junior Fellows in the Simons Society of Fellows. These 12 researchers are outstanding early-career scientists and mathematicians in the New York City area. Their expertise covers a broad range of fields, including astrophysics, neurobiology, biomedical engineering, theoretical computer science and mathematical physics.

Started in 2014, the Simons Society of Fellows encourages intellectual interactions across disciplines and research centers around New York City. Fellows attend dinners, annual retreats, conferences and workshops. The society comprises both Junior and Senior Fellows, with Junior Fellows receiving mentorship from Senior Fellows and support from the Simons Foundation for up to three years of independent research with no teaching obligations.

  • Daniel Alabi (Columbia University)
    Computer Science
  • Morris Ang (Columbia University)
  • Eric Arsenault (Columbia University)
  • Beatrice Barra (New York University Langone Health)
    Sensory and Motor Systems Neuroscience
  • Michael Chapman (New York University)
  • Sophie Huiberts (Columbia University)
    Theoretical Computer Science
  • Megan Kirchgessner (New York University)
    Molecular Systems Neuroscience
  • Lachlan Lancaster (Columbia University)
  • Oliver Philcox (Columbia University)
  • Cynthia Steinhardt (Columbia University)
    Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience and Neuroengineering
  • Andre B. Toussaint (Columbia University)
  • Lynn Yap (Columbia University)
    Molecular, Cellular and Systems Neuroscience
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