WATCH: David Byrne’s Theater of the Mind

You never know what you’ll find in the Theater of the Mind.

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What lies in the depths of your mind? Is it your memories? Your experiences? You? Throughout his life, science and art enthusiast David Byrne has grappled with these questions. In an attempt to answer them, Byrne, along with writer Mala Gaonkar and a team of technologists, scientists, and creatives, developed Theater of the Mind. It is an immersive journey into how our minds create the worlds that we live in, and how our minds develop a story of who we are.

Incorporating a narrative based on Byrne’s own life, Theater of the Mind challenges participant perceptions through different experiments that reveal just how moldable our memories, perceptions, and identities are.

We live in a world that is constantly changing, and the show reminds us that we are, too.

Theater of the Mind is running through December 18, 2022 at York Street Yards in Denver, Colorado. The show is a production of Denver Center of Performing Arts Off-Center. Tickets can be purchased here.

Theater of the Mind joined the Science Sandbox community of awardees in 2019.

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