2023 Class of Junior Fellows Joins the Simons Society of Fellows

From top left: Eddy Albarran, Paige Arnold, Floor Broekgaarden, Juan Esteban Rodríguez Camargo, Sanchit Chaturvedi, Ella King, Žiga Krajnik, Christopher Lafferty, Isabel Low, Francesca Mignacco

The Simons Foundation is pleased to announce the 2023 class of Junior Fellows in the Simons Society of Fellows. The 10 researchers are outstanding early-career scientists and mathematicians based in the New York City area. The fellows hold expertise in a diverse range of fields, including neuroscience, biophysics and number theory.

Formed in 2014, the Simons Society of Fellows encourages intellectual interactions across disciplines and research centers around New York City. Fellows attend conferences, workshops, weekly lectures and dinners, and annual retreats. The society comprises both Junior and Senior Fellows, with Junior Fellows receiving support from the Simons Foundation for up to three years of independent research with no teaching obligations.

  • Eddy Albarran (Columbia University)
  • Paige Arnold (The Rockefeller University)
    Metabolism, microbiology, CRISPR-Cas biology
  • Floor Broekgaarden (Columbia University)
    Astrophysics, gravitational waves
  • Juan Esteban Rodríguez Camargo (Columbia University)
    Number theory
  • Sanchit Chaturvedi (New York University)
    Mathematics, partial differential equations and mathematical physics
  • Ella King (New York University)
    Soft condensed matter physics
  • Žiga Krajnik (New York University)
    Theoretical and mathematical physics
  • Christopher Lafferty (New York University Grossman School of Medicine)
    Behavioral neuroscience
  • Isabel Low (Columbia University)
  • Francesca Mignacco (CUNY Graduate Center)
    Statistical physics of machine learning and biophysics
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