Science Sandbox: Changing our Visual Identity

While our logo is going away, our mission to support boundary-pushing science engagement will stay the same.

Recently, Simons Foundation president David Spergel communicated to our awardees that the foundation’s visual identity is changing. The reason for the change is simple: As a foundation, we need to better communicate the ways in which our various initiatives are connected. This new visual direction better reflects our shared mission to champion basic science.

This process, while critical, involved tough choices. One of those choices was to unify all existing foundation logos and, where necessary, remove existing logos from use. During the rebrand, we made a decision to “retire” the Science Sandbox logo and corresponding visual components. Moving forward we’ll be using the main Simons Foundation logo in all of our external communications.

So, what’s changing about Science Sandbox other than some ways we communicate our work externally? Nothing. We’re still dedicated to incubating new ideas and catalyzing boundary-pushing work. This portfolio is for individuals and projects that challenge what’s possible in the field of public science engagement. We take risks and support at an early stage here, especially projects developed for and spearheaded by people from underrepresented communities. Our commitment to fulfilling our mission is as strong as ever.

My colleague Ivvet Modinou recently wrote about the foundation’s Science, Society & Culture division, of which Science Sandbox is a part. Paired with this exciting new chapter for the Simons Foundation, being situated within the broader work of Science, Society & Culture opens up even more opportunities for the Science Sandbox community. It allows us to draw connections and foster relationship building between a broader group of people and organizations. It’s our belief that this will lead to greater outcomes for all involved.

It’s been a joy seeing the Science Sandbox brand exist in the world, and while this next phase in our external communications is a tad bittersweet, we know this shift will only mean good things for those in the Science Sandbox community. We’re excited for what’s next.

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