BIOS-SCOPE Collaboration Investigator Elizabeth B. Kujawinski Wins G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography has named oceanographer Elizabeth B. Kujawinski the winner of the 2024 Evelyn Hutchinson Award.

The honor recognizes mid-career scientists in limnology or oceanography who have made “considerable contributions to knowledge and whose future work promises a continued legacy of scientific excellence.”

Kujawinski is a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts and an investigator in the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences – Simons Collaboration on Ocean Processes and Ecology. She also holds a Simons Life Sciences Project Award. She was honored for her research on marine chemistry and marine metabolomics, which focuses on small organic compounds and their roles in microbial interactions and ocean biogeochemical processes.

Kujawinski will accept the award at the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans.

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