Watch: Totality Across the Nation

On April 8, 2024, Americans witnessed a total solar eclipse that darkened the sky from Texas to Maine. We documented some of their stories as part of our In the Path of Totality initiative.

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A 3,000-person viewing party in Austin, Texas. An eclipse-themed drag show in Spencer, Indiana. An immersive art installation in Erie, Pennsylvania. A mobile science lab in the Ozarks of Arkansas. These were just some of the settings for the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse that swept across the United States.

Massive amounts of work went into eclipse event preparations, culminating in one of the universe’s most incredible displays. More than 30 million Americans watched in awe as the moon temporarily darkened the sun and day became night. Through our In the Path of Totality initiative, the Simons Foundation supported more than 100 organizations across 13 states to celebrate the eclipse in ways that were meaningful to them and their communities.

Ultimately, the initiative was never just about that single day. The partnerships formed and relationships built will live on long after the moment of totality. In this video, discover how our collective effort enabled people to redefine their connection to science, one another and the cosmos.

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