MPS Awardee Spotlight: Andrew Mugler

Andrew Mugler, a 2015 Simons Investigator in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems and an assistant professor of physics at Purdue University, conducts research on cell signaling and collective behavior from the molecular to the multicellular level.

MPS Awardee Spotlight: Eliot Quataert

Eliot Quataert, the Thomas and Alison Schneider Professor of Physics and director of the Theoretical Astrophysics Center at the University of California, Berkeley, was appointed a Simons Investigator in Physics in 2012. He has made fundamental contributions to the theory of astrophysical turbulence and transport properties in hot plasmas, as well as to stellar and black-hole astrophysics.

Inaugural Conference of the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry

The inaugural conference of the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry took place November 5–8, 2015 on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The event attracted over 90 mathematicians and physicists from around the world, at all career stages, ranging from established senior researchers to beginning postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. The […]