MPS Awardee Spotlight: Larry Guth

Larry Guth is a 2014 Simons Investigator in Mathematics and professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he also received his Ph.D. His research focuses on combinatorial geometry, a branch of mathematics that studies the combinations and organizations of geometric objects, as well as harmonic analysis and metric analysis.

MPS Awardee Spotlight: Tim Austin

Tim Austin conducts research on analysis, probability and ergodic theory, and is currently one of fourteen principal investigators in the Simons Collaboration on Algorithms and Geometry, a collaboration that aims to bring mathematicians and theoretical computer scientists together to address fundamental questions at the interface of their disciplines.

MPS Awardee Spotlight: Alex Eskin

Alex Eskin is a 2014 Simons Investigator in Mathematics and the Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor of Mathematics at the University of Chicago.  A large part of his work has centered on mathematical billiards and geometric group theory, for which he received the Clay Research Prize in 2007.

MPS Awardee Spotlight: Daniel Spielman

Daniel Spielman was appointed a Simons Investigator in Theoretical Computer Science as a part of the foundation’s inaugural class in 2012. By combining mathematics with computer science, Spielman is able to make the process of solving mathematical problems faster and more efficient.

MPS Awardee Spotlight: Emanuel Gull

Emanuel Gull is director of the Monte Carlo Group of the Simons Collaboration on the Many Electron Problem. Gull’s research focuses on condensed matter physics — in particular, on material properties, such as the ability to conduct electricity or produce magnetic fields that arise from the quantum mechanical interactions of electrons. Gull’s interest is in developing new methods to calculate the properties of electrons in materials. There are many applications for this research, such as work on solar cells, sensors, batteries and other forms of energy and power.