1021 Publications

A searchable image resource of Drosophila GAL4-driver expression patterns with single neuron resolution

GW Meissner, A Nern, Z Dorman, GM DePasquale, K Forster, T Gibney, JH Hausenfluck, Y He, NA Iyer, J Jeter, L Johnson, RM Johnston, K Lee, B Melton, B Yarbrough, CT Zugates, J Clements, C Goina, H Otsuna, K Rokicki, RR Svirskas, Y. Aso, GM Card, BJ Dickson, E Ehrhardt, J Goldammer, M Ito, D Kainmueller, W Korff, L Mais, R Minegishi, S Namiki, G. Rubin, GR Sterne, T Wolff, O Malkesman
February 23, 2023
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