2018 Many Electron Collaboration Summer School

Date & Time


Coding Workshop:

  • Emanuel Gull, University of Michigan

Summer School:

  • Dominika Zgid, University of Michigan
  • Shiwei Zhang, College of William & Mary
  • Garnet Chan, Caltech


  • Coding Workshop Agenda and Slidesplus--large

    Friday, July 6

    Programming Best Practices (PDF)Emanuel Gull
    Revision Control and build tools (PDF)Sergei Iskakov
    Monte Carlo Techniques /ALPS Alea I (PDF)Markus Wallerberger
    Test Driven Development and Pair Programming (PDF)Emanuel Gull
    Student Presentations

    Saturday, July 7

    Introduction to Hardware (PDF)Emanuel Gull
    Monte Carlo Techniques /ALPS Alea II (PDF, PDF)Markus Wallerberger
    Optimization & Profiling (PDF)Miles Stoudenmire
    TRIQS tutorial (PDF)Olivier Parcollet
    Student presentations

    Sunday, July 8

    Debugging (PDF)Olivier Parcollet
    Modern C++ (PDF)Olivier Parcollet
    HPX and runtime systems (PDF)Igor Krivenko
    iTensor tutorial (PDF)Miles Stoudenmire
  • Summer School Agenda and Slidesplus--large

    Monday, July 9

    WelcomeAndy Millis
    Overview of the schoolGarnet Chan
    Intro to Quantum Chemistry (PDF)Fred Manby
    Intro to periodic mean-field methods and implementationsGarnet Chan
    Part I. Intro to systematically improvable Green’s function methodDominika Zgid
    Periodic Coupled Clusters in solidsAndreas Gruneis
    Local methods and large scale calculations (PDF)Fred Manby
    Opening Banquet (at SCGP)

    Tuesday, July 10

    Berkeley GW and its applications to chemistry (PDF)Jeff Neaton
    Overview of embedding methods or periodic implementations II Garnet Chan
    Part II. Intro to systematically improvable Green’s function methodDominika Zgid
    PYSCF and periodic code (PDF)Qiming Sun
    Student Presentations
    Pizza dinner + Instructor Q&A
    PYSCF Tutorial at Danfords Hotel

    Wednesday, July 11

    WF-in-DFT embedding (PDF)Fred Manby
    GW+DMFT (PDF)Philip Werner
    Non-equilibrium GW+DMFT (PDF)Philip Werner
    Dinner at the Fifth Season

    Thursday, July 12

    Applications of Green’s function embedding methods Dominika Zgid
    Numeric atom-centered basis functions (PDF)Volker Blum
    Interesting problems for embedding methodsGarnet Chan
    Part I. Intro to Monte Carlo methods in molecules and solids Shiwei Zhang
    Sandwich dinner and Q&A with teachers

    Friday, July 13

    Part II. Intro to Monte Carlo method in molecules and solids Shiwei Zhang
    Two dimensional materials and GW/CC in solids (PDF)Tim Berkelbach
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