CCA Colloquium: Anthony Pullen

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Title: Intensity Mapping to Probe the Interstellar Medium

Abstract: Line intensity mapping (LIM), in which line emission from unresolved galaxies is mapped onto a 3D field, has emerged as a unique probe of the gas content and star formation history of the Universe as well as large-scale structure across cosmic time. In this talk, I will present the science potential of LIM as well as surveys which will provide the data for these analyses. After a brief introduction to LIM, I will introduce the [CII] emission line and explain what mapping this line can teach us about star formation and the interstellar medium, after which I’ll present recent measurements we performed of the diffuse [CII] intensity. Next, I will describe the LIM survey EXCLAIM, a NASA mission which will map CO and [CII] emission to probe star formation and the ISM over cosmic time. Finally, I will present SPHEREx, another upcoming NASA mission which will characterize cosmic inflation as well as the ISM.

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September 27, 2019

Anthony Pullen: Intensity Mapping to probe the Interstellar Medium

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