CCA Colloquium: Jenny Greene

Date & Time

Topic: Dwarf Galaxies and Their Black Holes

Because they are dark-matter dominated, dwarf galaxies provide some of the most stringent tests of our cold dark matter model. We continue to debate whether the number densities and distributions of low-mass galaxies match theoretical expectations. I will describe how the advent of deep and wide-area surveys like the Hyper-Suprime Camera (HSC) Survey (and eventually LSST) are changing our ability to find and characterize low-mass, low surface-brightness populations. First, I will present our ongoing efforts to use surface brightness fluctuations to measure the satellite luminosity functions of Local Volume galaxies. Second, I will describe the impact of merging on dwarf galaxies. Third, if time permits, I will discuss our current state of knowledge of black hole demographics in dwarf galaxies.

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