CCA Special Seminar: Liang Dai

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Title: A New Window Into the Universe: Gravitational Waves From Compact Binary Coalescence

Detection of chirping gravitational waves (GWs) at ground-based laser interferometry observatories LIGO and Virgo have uncovered a population of compact binary mergers. Forthcoming observing runs with upgraded sensitivity and more observatories joining the network will tremendously increase the number of source systems, which will shed light on their astrophysical origin and enable to exploit those events as cosmological probes. I will present independent efforts by the IAS group to analyze the publicly available LIGO/Virgo data and report newly discovered GW events in addition to what experimental collaborations have reported. I will highlight several original and crucial data analysis methodologies we have developed for template matching, noise characterization and parameter estimation. In addition, I will give outlook on gravitational lensing of cosmological GW sources as expected from forthcoming observations and envisage its applications. I will explain our new findings of how wave propagation effects, measurable with GWs but unfeasible with usual electromagnetic sources, can allow extraction of unique information to reconstruct the lens or to probe non-luminous sub-galactic dark matter structures, thereby deepening our understanding of the matter distribution in the Universe.

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February 4, 2020

Liang Dai: A New Window Into the Universe: Gravitational Waves From Compact Binary Coalesence

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