CCQ Seminar: Joseph Carlson

Date & Time

Title: Fermions and bosons in the unitary limit: matter and clusters

Abstract: I will discuss the unitary limits of spin 1/2 fermions and bosons for infinite matter and finite trapped systems. Their ground states can be solved exactly using quantum Monte Carlo methods, and also studied in cold atom experiments. The density functionals describing these systems takes a particularly simple form in the unitary limit, and accurately relate properties of inhomogeneous matter to finite systems.

The unitary limit is also intriguing in that the S=1/2 case mimics the properties of low density neutron matter as found in neutron stars, and the S=3/2 four species case is  related to the properties of atomic nuclei as probed in electron and neutrino scattering experiments. I will conclude with a brief review of recent results in these systems.

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