Clinical and translational genomics

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Biotech lectures are open to the public and are held at the Gerald D. Fischbach Auditorium at the Simons Foundation headquarters in New York City. Tea is served prior to each lecture.

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This Biotech Symposium will focus on clinical and translational genomics and the shift to precision medicine. Clinical and translational genomics have typically been approached as limited research or demonstration projects, whereas precision medicine envisions genomics as an integral component of medical research and practice. This transition presents a variety of specific challenges that will need to be addressed over the coming years.


David Glazer, Google
The Lab and the Clinic: Is Translation a One-Way Street?

Marylyn Ritchie, Penn State University
Exploring the Use of Electronic Health Records and Genomics for Precision Medicine

Russ Altman, Stanford University
Regulatory Science: A Key Requirement for Translational Genomics

David Goldstein, Columbia University
Toward Precision Medicine in Neuropsychiatric Disease

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