Cosmology and Astrophysics with Intensity Mapping

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    The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the current status of the field, synergies with other surveys and medium to long-term plans. We will have both theorists and observers, and one of the main goals of the meeting will be to trigger new collaborations.

    The formal workshop will run from midday Wednesday through Friday afternoon, 2019/02/20-22 in the 2nd floor auditorium of the Flatiron Institute.*

    The detailed schedule can be found here.

    *Workshop attendees are welcome to arrive Wednesday morning to work and/or arrange breakout meetings with other attendees. There is plenty of communal space on the 5th and 6th floors of the Flatiron Institute for such things. If you would like us to reserve space for a breakout, please let us know the size of your group and the time range you prefer. The Institute will provide lunch for all 3 days, including Wednesday, starting at 12:30pm. The workshop itself will begin promptly at 2:00pm in the 2nd floor auditorium.

  • Participantsplus--large
    Adam Lidz University of Pennsylvania
    Adrian LiuMcGill University
    Albert StebbinsFermilab
    Andrea FerraraScuola Normale Superiore
    Anthony PullenNew York University
    Asantha CoorayUC-Irvine
    Avery KimColumbia University
    Bade UzgilNRAO, MPIA
    Chang ChenNew York University
    Chris SheehyBrookhaven National Lab
    Christina KreischPrinceton University
    Christopher HirataThe Ohio State University
    Colin HillIAS / CCA
    David SpergelCCA / Princeton University
    Elena MassaraFlatiron Institute
    Ely KovetzJohns Hopkins University
    Emanuele CastorinaUC Berkeley
    Emmanuel SchaanLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Enea Di DioLawrence Berkeley National Labratory
    Eric SwitzerNASA Goddard
    Fengquan WuNational Astronomical Observatory
    Francisco Villaescusa-NavarroCCA
    Gary HinshawUBC
    Gergö PoppingMPIA
    Gus BeaneUniversity of Pennsylvania
    H. Cynthia ChiangMcGill University
    Hugh Garsden Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Isabella P. CarucciUniversity College London
    Jacqueline van GorkomColumbia University
    James AguirreUniversity of Pennsylvania
    James ChoCCA
    Jeff Peterson Carnegie Mellon University
    Jonathan SieversMcGill University / UKZN
    Kevin BanduraWest Virginia University
    Kirit KarkareUniversity of Chicago
    Kiyoshi MasuiMIT
    L. Y. Aaron YungRutgers University / CCA
    Laura NewburghYale University
    Lincoln GreenhillHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Marcelo AlvarezUC-Berkeley
    Mark HalpernUBC
    Nithyanandan ThyagarajanNRAO
    Olivier DoreJPL / Caltech
    Patrick BreysseCITA
    Paul La PlanteUniversity of Pennsylvania
    Peter TimbieUW-Madison
    Rachel SomervilleCCA / Rutgers University
    Raul MonsalveMcGill University
    Richard Shaw UBC
    Saurabh Singh McGill University
    Seth SiegelMcGill University
    Shengqi YangNYU
    Shirley HoFlatiron Institute
    Simon ForemanCanadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
    Simone AiolaCCA
    Simone FerraroLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Steve ChoiCornell University
    Thejs BrinckmannStony Brook University
    T. K. Daisy LeungCornell / CCA
    Tzu-Ching ChangJPL / Caltech
    Ue-Li PenCITA
    Yi MaoTsinghua University
  • Organizersplus--large
    Gary Hinshaw UBC
    Anthony Pullen NYU
    Rachel Somerville CCA / Rutgers
    David Spergel CCA / Princeton
    Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro CCA
  • Logisticsplus--large
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