Isabella Tree and Rewilding an English Farm

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Progress has transformed natural wildernesses into artificial landscapes, swapping forests and meadows for farms and megamalls. Nearly 20 years ago, Isabella Tree and her husband Charlie Burrell set out to bring the wild back to their 3,500-acre farm in southeastern England. Over the years, a long-lost ecosystem reemerged, including the return of rare wildlife species such as turtle doves and nightingales.

Tree will recount the challenges and successes of this experiment, which she chronicles in her new book “Wilding: Returning Nature to Our Farm.” She hopes that their farm will serve as a blueprint for ecological restoration.

About the Speaker

Isabella Tree is an award-winning author and travel writer. Her writing has appeared in publications such as National GeographicThe Sunday Times and Condé Nast Traveler. Her latest book, “Wilding,” was named one of the top 10 science books of 2018 by Smithsonian Magazine.

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