The Socially Distant Tour of the Solar System

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  • Paul M. Sutter, Ph.D.Research Professor, Stony Brook University
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Just because we’re not allowed to go outside doesn’t mean we can’t explore the universe!

Join astrophysicist Paul Sutter on a virtual tour of the solar system from the safety of your own home, exploring each of the planets in our cosmic neighborhood. This event is meant for the whole family and focuses on middle and high school state science standards. Sutter will also point out constellations you can see from your own backyard. Bring your curious questions because, after the tour, Sutter will stick around for an expert Q&A and trivia game.

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About the Speaker

Sutter’s research focuses on the earliest moments of the Big Bang, the emptiest places in the universe and novel methods for detecting the first stars. He received his Ph.D. in physics in 2011 as a computational science graduate fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy. Before his current positions at Stony Brook University and the Flatiron Institute, he held research fellowships in Paris and Italy. He hosts the popular “Ask a Spaceman!” podcast and YouTube series and has regularly appeared on radio, TV, and in print, including on the Science Channel, History Channel and Weather Channel. His first book, “Your Place in the Universe,” was published in November 2018, and his next book, “How to Die in Space,” will be released this June.

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