Postponed: MPS Conference on Discrete & Computational Geometry: Quo Vadis

Date & Time

The conference is postponed. Please contact Meghan Fazzi with any questions.

Dedicated to the memory of Ricky Pollack

Boris Aronov, NYU Tandon School of Engineering
János Pach, Rényi Institute, Budapest and EPFL, Lausanne

Scientific Committee
Noga Alon, Princeton University
Ken Clarkson, IBM Almaden
Joseph O’Rourke, Smith College
Emo Welzl, ETH Zurich

Thirty-three years ago, when Goodman and Pollack launched their journal Discrete & Computational Geometry, their title choice looked somewhat arbitrary. Today Discrete and Computational Geometry is a vibrant area of the mathematical sciences devoted to understanding the structure and complexity of discrete geometric objects as well as the design and analysis of geometric algorithms. In the light of many spectacular recent breakthroughs concerning the sphere packing problem, Erdős’s problems on the distribution of distances among n points, and several other questions, it is time to contemplate the future of Discrete and Computational Geometry, its main new trends and promising avenues of research to explore.

The conference will be dedicated to the memory of Ricky Pollack, who, together with Eli Goodman, contributed more than anyone else to the amalgamation of the two cultures and two communities, discrete and computational, leading to the birth of Discrete and Computational Geometry.

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