Quantum Physics Beyond Simple Systems: Complex Dynamics, Decoherence, Topology and Information (2012)

Date & Time

Condensed matter physics has evolved greatly in recent years from studying bulk properties of naturally occurring materials to constructing complex materials and systems not found in nature, and to controlling rather than observing quantum mechanics. This dramatic broadening has been accompanied by corresponding advancement in experimental and theoretical tools.

Diversification has enriched the subject greatly but has also lead to specialization that inhibits understanding and progress. This symposium aims to develop a more unified view of quantum mechanics in these new systems. The focus will be on the most rapidly advancing fronts, with the goal of applying breakthroughs in one area to barriers to progress in others.

Topics to be addressed include out-of-equilibrium quantum states, graphene and similar materials, topology and Majorana physics, quantum Hall states, and qubits and entanglement. We also plan to conclude the symposium with an informal discussion of open problems across condensed matter physics.

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