Canceled: Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Problem Annual Meeting 2020

Date & Time

The Cracking the Glass Annual Meeting is canceled. Please contact Meghan Fazzi with any questions.

Giulio Biroli, Institute of Theoretical Physics, CEA Saclay
Jorge Kurchan, LPENS, Paris
Sid Nagel, University of Chicago
David R. Reichman, Columbia University

The goal of the Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Problem is to develop a complete and quantitative description of the glass transition, connecting the explicit and quantitative mean-field and zero-temperature theories that have been developed. The aim is to create a similarly quantitative and predictive theory of glassy dynamics in finite dimension at finite temperatures. The fourth annual meeting of the collaboration will highlight the progress that has been made in pursuing these goals. This work has provided a new vision for this branch of statistical and mathematical physics; it has implications for a wide range of experimental systems and the tools developed in creating such a framework is having important ramifications for a broad range of fields. In addition, the meeting provides a venue to explore new connections between seemingly disparate fields of research that are, in fact, intimately connected. The talks during the meeting will outline some of these activities.

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