The Center for Computational Biologyx (CCBx) is an effort by the Center for Computational Biology (CCB) to (a) create and validate quantitative techniques and (b) develop and test theories of biological systems that are predictive of these systems’ behaviors and responses to genetic, chemical and physical perturbations. CCBx research integrates efforts across CCB through interdisciplinary projects combining cutting-edge mathematical, computational and experimental approaches in genomics, molecular biophysics and cell and developmental biology. Current CCBx projects include work on fluid flows and oogenesis; spindles and cell division; the quantitative characterization of probability distributions from cryoelectron microscopy and cryoelectron tomography; the genetics and biophysics of neuronal morphology and internal organization; and chromatin organization, dynamics and mechanics. These projects are carried out through a close collaboration between CCB researchers and a network of partners at Northwestern University, Princeton University, Harvard University, University of Virginia, TU Dresden, the New York Structural Biology Center and the University of Massachusetts.

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