Systems Biology

At the Systems Biology group, we are developing new methods to learn the networks that run life’s program.

Key aims include developing new methods to annotate genes (characterize the parts list for biology) and building new methods that learn biological networks, and eventually dynamic models (put the parts together). These network models will help us to predict the functional effect of genetic variation, design interventions and therapies, and understand how living systems respond to changes in their environment.

Research Highlights

Ensuring scientific reproducibility in bio-macromolecular modeling via extensive, automated benchmarks

J. Koehler, S. Lyskov, S. Lewis, J. Adolf-Bryfogle, R. Alford, K. Barlow, Z. Ben-Aharon, D. Farrell , J. Fell, W. Hansen, A. Harmalkar, J. Jeliazkov, G. Kuenze, J. Krys, A. Ljubetič, A. Loshbaugh, J. Maguire, R. Moretti, V. Mulligan, R. Bonneau, et al

Each year vast international resources are wasted on irreproducible research. The scientific community has been slow to adopt standard software…

bioRxiv 2021.04.04.438423

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