Center for Computational Quantum Physics

CCQ’s mission is to develop the concepts, theories, algorithms and codes needed to solve the quantum many-body problem and to use the solutions to predict the behavior of materials and molecules of scientific and technological interest.

A new day is dawning for our ability to understand and control the behavior of materials and molecules, thanks to the combination of previously unimaginable theoretical concepts, improved computational capabilities and revolutionary developments in experimentation. Researchers at CCQ are developing the ideas, algorithms and codes that will take our understanding of the quantum mechanics of electrons in molecules and solids to a new level. CCQ is also an international focal point for computational materials science, hosting a lively array of meetings, workshops, conferences and visitor programs.


Collaborative Work

Ankit Mahajan: Systematically Improvable Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo for Molecules

Yuan-Yao He: Finite-temperature grand-canonical calculations in the continuum – Application to the 2D Fermi gas


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