CCQ Current and Past Quantum Cafe Schedules

2021 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
February 9, 2021Kate RossA novel strongly spin-orbit coupled quantum dimer magnet: Yb2Si2O7
February 23, 2021Lei WangNeural Canonical Transformations
March 9, 2021Lucile SavaryThermal transport in quantum magnets
March 23, 2021Monika AidelsburgerUltracold atoms in optical lattices out-of-equilibrium
April 6, 2021Paul KentChallenges for Quantum Monte Carlo for Materials
April 20, 2021Simon TrebstQuantum Computing “al dente”
April 27, 2021Karin RabeTeaching an old dog new tricks: switchable polar materials from first principles
May 18, 2021James AnalytisSuperconductivity and quantum criticality linked by the Hall effect in a strange metal
June 1, 2021Abhay PasupathyTwistons in the Magic Sea
June 15,2021Jie ShanStrongly correlated excitonic insulator in atomic double layers
October 13, 2021Andrea YoungSuperconductivity at magnetic phase transitions in crystalline graphene allotropes
October 27, 2021Nadya MasonSurface State Magnetoresistance in 3D Topological Insulators
November 10, 2021Giulia GalliEmbedding theories for quantum simulations on hybrid classical-quantum architectures
December 1, 2021Giorgio SangiovanniCorrelated Dirac and Weyl Semimetals

Quantum Café is CCQ’s ongoing seminar series: open to all bona fide members of the greater NYC scientific community and held every second week, Quantum Café presents a series of informal, highly interactive talks, typically by external speakers, which present the most interesting recent developments and open questions in our field.

All talks are virtual, and are scheduled from 11:00am to 12:00pm on Tuesdays. Please email Mary Kate Hennelly for zoom access info.

Past Quantum Cafe Schedules:

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