Strong Light-Matter Coupling

We seek to bring together, within a novel theoretical framework, recent advances in electronic structure, quantum optics and the nonlinear spectroscopy of many-body systems to study the complex dynamics in quantum systems beyond classical limits and explore the fundamentals of the light-matter interactions of molecular systems that are embedded in quantum cavities and nanostructured surroundings, such as interfaces or metamaterials, both in weak and strong-coupling regimes. In the strong-coupling limit, both the molecular systems and the photons lose their identities, and novel coherent/hybridized states of light and matter, e.g., polaritons or plasmon-polaritons or others will emerge. Those new hybridized states emerged from the strong light-matter coupling limit provide novel ground for designing a wealth of new functional materials. From an optics viewpoint, the strong coupling regime offers many opportunities for tailoring the properties of light, that is, by shaping the emission spectrum of materials or its coherence properties.

Project Leader: Angel Rubio

Project Scientists: Denis Golez, Antoine Georges, Andy Millis

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