It from Qubit 2016 Annual Meeting

Thursday, December 8th
Friday, December 9th 2016

Simons Foundation
Gerald D. Fischbach Auditorium
New York, New York

Agenda & Slides

Thursday, December 8

  1. Mark van Raamsdonk
    Nonlinear Gravity from Entanglement (PDF)
  2. Horacio Casini
    Irreversibility of RG flows from Relative Entropy (PDF)
  3. Matt Headrick
    Covariant Bit Threads: Progress Report
  4. Bogdan Stoica
  5. Felix Haehl
    Some Ideas on Thermal and Out-of-Time-Order Physics (PDF)
  6. Javier Magán
    Aspects of SYK (PDF)
  7. Patrick Hayden
    Bulk Reconstruction via a Noncommutative Bayes’ Rule
  8. Scott Aaronson
    Circuit of Complexity of Detecting Macroscopic Coherence
  9. Eliot Hiljano
  10. Aitor Lewkowycz
    Subregions and Gravity (PDF)
  11. Dan Roberts
    Quantum Chaos, Quantum Information, Quantum Complexity, Quantum Gravity (PDF)
  12. John Preskill
    How hard is it to simulate quantum field theory?
  13. Tadashi Takayanagi
    AdS from Optimization of Path-integrals and AdS/CFT (PDF)
  14. Burak Sahinoglu
    Tensor Networks Operators + App
  15. Paweł Caputa
    Dynamics of Entanglement from CFT to AdS (PDF)
  16. Gábor Sárosi
    Late Time Behavior of Two Point Functions in the D1D5 CFT (PDF)

Friday, December 9

  1. Don Marolf
    Modeling GRAV Fluctuations in a Holographic Code
  2. Vijay Balasubramanian
    New Forms of Entanglement in QFT
  3. Charles Rabideau
    Bulk Surface Areas from Entanglement
  4. Onkar Parrikar
    Entanglement Entropy in Chern-Simons theory and Knot Theory (PDF)
  5. Max Rota
    Holographic Entropy Inequalities (PDF)
  6. Dorit Aharonov
    Fast Forwarding Hamiltonians & Exponentially Precise Energy Measurements (PDF)
  7. Juan Maldacena
    SYK & NAdS₂
  8. Jonathan Oppenheim
    Are There Additional Laws of Black Hole Thermodynamics? (PDF)
  9. Joan Camps
    Beyond Area (PDF)
  10. Alex Maloney
    Constraining CFTs with Information Theory… and what this tells us about Gravity
  11. Rob Meyers
    Comments on Holographic Complexity (PDF)