Ehssan Nazockdast, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Applied Physical Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Flatiron Research Fellow, CCB (2016-2017), Flatiron Institute

Ehssan Nazockdast is an Assistant Professor of Applied Physical Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is interested in theoretical and computational study of soft and living materials, including suspensions, biopolymers, and cellular structures. His research is interdisciplinary intersecting areas such as fluid mechanics, statistical mechanics, and computational physics and it involves close collaborations with experimentalists in life and materials sciences. He is the recipient of National Science Foundation CAREER award. Ehssan received his BS and MS degrees in polymer engineering from Amirkabir University (Tehran, Iran), and his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from City University of New York in 2013. Afterwards, he did a postdoctoral study in Courant Institute of mathematical sciences (NYU) and spent a year afterwards as a research fellow in Biophysical Modeling group at Flatiron Institute.

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