Nicholas Chua

PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences, Columbia University

I am fascinated by the ways in which nervous systems have evolved, resulting in the immense diversity of animal behavior seen on our planet. Using imaging, genetic, and molecular tools, I seek to describe the myriad cell types, configurations, and interactions that underlie specific forms of information processing in the brain. Before joining the biological sciences doctoral program at Columbia University, I spent 4 years at the Simons Foundation’s Center for Computational Neuroscience, where I worked on a project describing the organization of photoreceptors and neurons in the lamina of a microscopic wasp, Megaphragma amalphitanum. My specific focus related optical specialization of the wasp’s eye to correspondingly divergent synaptic connectivity in the brain region downstream. I studied neural science at New York University and received my BS in 2016. Before coming to New York, I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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