Nicholas Chua

Ph.D. Candidate, Biological Sciences, Columbia University
Research Analyst, CCB (2017-2021), Flatiron Institute

During his four years as a research analyst, first at the Center for Computational Biology (CCB) and later at CCN, Nicholas Chua worked on a project describing the organization of photoreceptors and neurons in the lamina of a microscopic wasp, Megaphragma amalphitanum.

Currently Nicholas is in the biological sciences doctoral program at Columbia University. He lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before coming to New York University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in neural science in 2016.

Nicholas is fascinated by the ways in which nervous systems have evolved, resulting in the immense diversity of animal behavior seen on our planet. Using imaging, genetic and molecular tools, he seeks to describe the myriad cell types, configurations and interactions that underlie specific forms of information processing in the brain.

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