Samaneh Nasiri, Ph.D.

Junior Faculty, Harvard Medical School
Pre-Doc Research Scientist, CCN (2019), Flatiron Institute

Samaneh Nasiri was a CCN Pre-Research Scientist intern in the center for Computational Neuroscience at the Flatiron Institute in the summer of 2019, working under the supervision of Prof. Chklovskii and Dr. Tesileanu. While at CCN, she worked on developing two algorithms for performing time series segmentation based on underlying dynamics that are biologically plausible.

Samaneh is a junior faculty at Harvard Medical School and MGH, working on improving generalization for health and wellness applications using signal processing and machine learning techniques. She was awarded her Ph.D. at Emory School of Medicine in the department of biomedical informatics. The main focus of her thesis was developing accurate classifiers with high generalizability across large biomedical datasets.

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