Seher Karakuzu, Ph.D.

Flatiron Research Fellow, CCQ, Flatiron Institute

Seher Karakuzu obtained her PhD degree at SISSA in Italy in October 2018. During her PhD studies, Karakuzu worked on developing and applying quantum Monte Carlo methods to investigate the effect of electron-phonon coupling in strongly correlated electronic systems. She joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a postdoctoral research associate in January 2019. Karakuzu has been developing and using dynamical cluster approximation and determinant quantum Monte Carlo methods in order to investigate the finite temperature properties of the strongly correlated multiband model Hamiltonians. Seher Karakuzu joined Flatiron institute in September 2021 as a Flatiron Research Fellow and interested in developing and using new numerical techniques as well as extending her research to study the physical properties of real materials.

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