Takao K. Hensch, Ph.D.

professor of neurology and of molecular and cellular biology, Harvard University

Takao K. Hensch is a professor of neurology and of molecular and cellular biology at Harvard University, and directs the National Institute of Mental Health’s Conte Center for Basic Mental Health Research. After studying at Harvard University, the University of Tokyo (M.P.H.), the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (Fulbright Fellowship) and the University of California, San Francisco (Ph.D.), he helped to launch the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, serving as lab head and group director for 14 years. Honors include two Young Investigator awards from the Society for Neuroscience and a National Institutes of Health Director’s Pioneer Award. He is a member of several editorial boards, including Neuron and Frontiers in Neural Circuits, where he is chief editor.

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