Tsz Kuk Daisy Leung, Ph.D.

Data Scientist
Research Analyst, CCA (2019-2020), Flatiron Institute

Daisy Leung conducted research on galaxy formation and evolution at CCA as a PhD student under the supervision of Rachel Somerville. She was co-mentored by Chris Hayward and Mordecai-Mark Mac Low. Her research aims at bridging the gap between simulations and observations by making predictions for upcoming surveys. She developed models to perform sub-grid modeling and radiative transfer to simulate line emission in galaxies in the early Universe.

Upon completing the pre-doctoral program at CCA, she embarked on a different career to improve the quality of life for people around the globe. She became a data scientist at a health fitness tech company building machine learning models and APIs for a fitness app before joining Audible. the largest producer of audiobooks. Besides work, she enjoys working out, hiking, reading books, doing landscape photography, and going on adventurous trips.

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