Xiaoshan Huang

Graduate Student, University of Virginia
Pre-Doctoral Fellow, CCA (2020), Flatiron Institute

Xiaoshan Huang is a graduate student at the University of Virginia, working with Shane Davis and Yan-fei Jiang on radiation (magneto-)hydrodynamics (RMHD) and cosmic rays MHD (CR-MHD) simulations. Her research interests lie primarily in non-thermal star formation feedback and the accretion process near blackhole, sort of different topics but tied by generalized applications of RMHD and relevant numerical schemes. She also helping with projects of mass transfer in eccentric binaries working with fellow graduate student from DARK, NBI/UCSC.

Xiaoshan Huang was in the Pre-doctoral project in CCA in Fall 2020, we worked on a project on studying multi-phase gas formed via thermal instability and how it becomes the multi-phase wind driven by CR or thermal feedback.

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