Olivier Parcollet, Ph.D.

CEAOlivier Parcollet, Ph.D.’s Website

Olivier Parcollet is a researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Physics (IPhT) at CEA in Paris-Saclay. He obtained his Ph.D. from École Normale Supérieure in Paris in 1998. His research focuses on the physics of quantum materials where strong electron-electron interactions lead to remarkable physical properties, as seen for example in the high-temperature cuprate superconductors.  He specializes in the development of new approaches to the quantum many-body problem, combining traditional diagrammatic techniques, ideas from dynamical mean-field theory and innovative numerical algorithms.  He is the leader of the open-source TRIQS project, which provides a library for the quick and efficient design of new algorithms as well as a set of applications for the study of strongly-correlated systems.  He received the Déchelle Prize from the French Academy of Sciences in 2009 for his work on cluster dynamical mean-field theory, and was awarded a ERC Starting Grant in 2011 from the European Research Council.

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