From the bioRxiv: A Selection of Recently Posted Papers from SCGB Investigators and Others

Each month, SCGB scans the bioRxiv for interesting papers from the SCGB community and beyond.

Transitioning between preparatory and precisely sequenced neuronal activity in production of a skilled behavior

Vamsi Krishna Daliparthi, Ryosuke O Tachibana, Brenton G Cooper, Richard Hahnloser, Satoshi Kojima, Samuel J. Sober, and Todd F Roberts

bioRxiv posted 28 November 2018

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Modeling grid fields instead of modeling grid cells

Sophie Rosay, Simon Weber, and Marcello Mulas

bioRxiv posted 28 November 2018

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Learning probabilistic representations with randomly connected neural circuits

Ori Maoz, Mohamad Saleh Esteki, Gasper Tkacik, Roozbeh Kiani, and Elad Schneidman

bioRxiv posted 27 November 2018

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Categorical encoding of decision variables in orbitofrontal cortex

Arno Onken, Jue Xie, Stefano Panzeri, and Camillo Padoa-Schioppa

bioRxiv posted 26 November 2018

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A novel somatosensory spatial navigation system outside the hippocampal formation

Xiaoyang Long and Sheng-Jia Zhang

bioRxiv posted 19 November 2018

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Mesoscale correlation structure with single cell resolution during visual coding

Yiyi Yu, Jeffery N Stirman, Christopher R Dorsett, and Spencer LaVere Smith

bioRxiv posted 14 November 2018

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Emergence of stable sensory and dynamic temporal representations in the hippocampus during working memory

Jiannis Taxidis, Eftychios Pnevmatikakis, Apoorva L Mylavarapu, Jagmeet S Arora, Kian D Samadian, Emily A Hoffberg, and Peyman Golshani

bioRxiv posted 20 November 2018

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The impact of bilateral ongoing activity on evoked responses in mouse cortex

Daisuke Shimaoka, Nicholas Steinmetz, Kenneth Harris and Matteo Carandini

bioRxiv. posted 22 November 2018

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Distributed correlates of visually-guided behavior across the mouse brain

Nicholas Steinmetz, Peter Zatka-Haas, Matteo Carandini and Kenneth Harris

bioRxiv. posted 20 November 2018

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Detecting and Correcting False Transients in Calcium Imaging

Jeffrey L Gauthier, Sue Ann Koay, Edward H Nieh, David W Tank, Jonathan W Pillow and Adam S Charles

bioRxiv. posted 19 November 2018

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Signatures and mechanisms of low-dimensional neural predictive manifolds

Stefano Recanatesi, Matthew Farrell, Guillaume Lajoie, Sophie Deneve, Mattia Rigotti, and Eric Shea-Brown

bioRxiv posted 17 November 2018

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Sources of path integration error in young and aging humans

Matthias Stangl, Ingmar Kanitscheider, Martin Riemer, Ila Fiete and Thomas Wolbers

bioRxiv. posted 12 November 2018

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Simultaneous mesoscopic and two-photon imaging of neuronal activity in cortical circuits

Daniel Barson, Ali S Hamodi, Xilin Shen, Gyorgy Lur, R Todd Constable, Jessica Cardin, Michael Crair, and Michael Higley

bioRxiv posted 11 November 2018

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SIMNETS: a computationally efficient and scalable framework for identifying networks of functionally similar neurons

Jacqueline B Hynes, David M Brandman, Jonas B Zimmerman, John P Donoghue, and Carlos E Vargas-Irwin

bioRxiv posted 9 November 2018

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Bayesian computation through cortical latent dynamics

Hansem Sohn, Devika Narain, Nicolas Meirhaeghe, and Mehrdad Jazayeri

bioRxiv posted 8 November 2018

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DeepNose: Using artificial neural networks to represent the space of odorants

Ngoc Tran, Daniel Kepple, Sergey A. Shuvaev, and Alexei A. Koulakov

bioRxiv posted 7 November 2018

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Spike: A GPU Optimised Spiking Neural Network Simulator

Nasir Ahmad, James B Isbister, Toby St Clere Smithe, and Simon M Stringer

bioRxiv posted 5 November 2018

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A comparison of deep learning and linear-nonlinear cascade approaches to neural encoding

Theodore H Moskovitz, Nicholas A Roy, and Jonathan W Pillow

bioRxiv posted 6 November 2018

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Neural Population Control via Deep Image Synthesis

Pouya Bashivan, Kohitij Kar, and James DiCarlo

bioRxiv posted 4 November 2018

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NeuroRoots, a bio-inspired, seamless Brain Machine Interface device for long-term recording.

Marc D. Ferro, Christopher M. Proctor, Alexander Gonzalez, Eric Zhao, Andrea Slezia, Jolien Pas, Gerwin Dijk, Mary J. Donahue, Adam Williamson, Georges G. Malliaras, Lisa Giocomo and Nicholas A. Melosh

bioRxiv posted 4 November 2018

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Neural Sampling Strategies for Visual Stimulus Reconstruction from Two-photon Imaging of Mouse Primary Visual Cortex

Stefania Garasto, Wilten Nicola, Anil A Bharath, and Simon R Schultz

bioRxiv posted 4 November 2018

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From predictive models to cognitive models: An analysis of rat behavior in the two-armed bandit task

Kevin J Miller, Matthew M Botvinick, Carlos D Brody

bioRxiv posted 2 November 2018

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Task-Driven Convolutional Recurrent Models of the Visual System

Aran Nayebi, Daniel Bear, Jonas Kubilius, Kohitij Kar, Surya Ganguli, David Sussillo, James J. DiCarlo, Daniel L. K. Yamins

arXiv posted 27 October 2018

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Through synapses to spatial memory maps: a topological model

Y. Dabaghian

arXiv posted 28 October 2018

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