Simons-Supported Researchers and Advisory Board Member Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Ten researchers affiliated with the Simons Foundation have been elected as members of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers are among 100 new members and 25 foreign associates elected to join the academy in 2019.

The National Academy of Sciences is a private nonprofit organization of some of the leading scientific researchers in the U.S. The organization seeks to provide independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology. Members are elected to the academy by their peers for outstanding contributions to research. Including its newest class, the academy now has 2,347 active members.

A full list of the new members is available here.

  • Leon Balents
    Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara. Principal Investigator, Upcoming Mathematics and Physical Sciences Collaboration.
  • Ed Boyden
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. HHMI-Simons Faculty Scholar.
  • Marc Kamionkowski
    Johns Hopkins University. 2014 Simons Investigator in Physics; Advisor, Origins of the Universe Program.
  • Gabriel Kotliar
    Rutgers University. Principal Investigator, Simons Collaboration on the Many Electron Problem; 2018 Simons Fellow in Physics; Consultant, Center for Computational Quantum Physics.
  • Bryna Rebekah Kra
    Northwestern University. 2016 Simons Fellow in Mathematics.
  • M. Cristina Marchetti
    University of California, Santa Barbara. 2013 Simons Fellow in Theoretical Physics; Recipient of a 2015 Targeted Grant in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems.
  • Aviv Regev
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; The Broad Institute. Flatiron Institute Scientific Advisory Board Member.
  • Kathryn Roeder
    Carnegie Mellon University. SFARI Investigator.
  • Bernardo Sabatini
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Harvard Medical School. Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain Investigator; Former SFARI Investigator.
  • Barry Simon
    California Institute of Technology. 2013 Simons Fellow in Mathematics.
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