WATCH: An Inclusive Theater Company Embraces Science

How Chickenshed NYC are artfully integrating STEAM concepts into their programming.

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Embedded in the programing of an inclusive theatrical organization called Chickenshed is something many wouldn’t expect: STEAM concepts that inspire performances. Emboldened by visits from STEAM professionals like marine biologists and food waste experts, young people like Chickenshed youth intern Caroline Fish are using science and performance to express themselves and communicate the change they hope to see in the world.

A member of Chickenshed’s Players cohort, Fish recently participated in “Don’t Stop Believin,” the company’s latest performance that creatively explores how STEAM can be used to solve the problems that our world is facing. Along the way, Chickenshed Players are learning social skills and building the confidence they need to be leaders and express their opinions, empowering their family, friends and schoolmates to do the same.

In this video, learn more about Fish’s journey through Chickenshed, the inclusive nature of the organization and how science and performance can be powerful tools for expression.

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