Watch: Drag Queens, Community and the Total Solar Eclipse

Spencer Pride, located in Spencer, Indiana, put LGBTQIA+ identity at the center of their celebrations of the April 8 total solar eclipse.

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“We’re here. We exist. We’re part of the community.” For Jonathan and Jacob Balash, the founders of Spencer Pride in the rural town of Spencer, Indiana, this concept is at the core of their mission. So when they learned about the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse passing through their town, they knew they wanted to celebrate with their neighbors in ways that centered and celebrated Queer identity.

For them, the eclipse presented an opportunity not just to incorporate science into their existing programming, but to use science as a vehicle to reach even more people. This approach manifested in lessons about how birds react during an eclipse, setting up “science stops” to explain how and why eclipses happen and, of course, an eclipse-themed drag show.

In this video, learn how Jonathan and Jacob Balash and the entire Spencer Pride family engage people with science in ways that affirm Queer identity and build community.

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