Biophysics & Development Seminar: Fred Chang, UC San Francisco

Date & Time

Speaker: Fred Chang, M.D., Ph.D.,
Professor, Department of Cell and Tissue Biology
University of California, San Francisco

Title: Life in a crowded environment: regulation of cytoplasmic density

Abstract: The cytoplasm represents highly crowded milieu, chock full of components of diverse sizes including large macromolecular complexes, filamentous polymers, organelles and condensates, metabolites, ions, and water. How does this environment impact molecular processes? How the density of the cytoplasm regulated? I will discuss our recent stories on regulation of cytoplasmic density and its relationship to cell growth and the cell cycle.

About the Speaker

Fred Chang is a cell biologist who studies aspects of cell morphogenesis and division in fission yeast. For his Ph.D., he worked with Ira Herskowitz at UCSF on cell cycle regulation. In his postdoc with Paul Nurse and David Drubin, he initiated genetic studies on cytokinesis. He started his own lab at Columbia U. Medical Center in 1997 and moved to UCSF in 2016, where he is currently a Professor in Cell and Tissue Biology. His lab has made contributions in areas such as cytokinesis, regulation of microtubule and actin dynamics, nuclear positioning, cell growth, and cell size control. He enjoys interdisciplinary approaches, combining live-cell experiments and modeling to reveal fundamental concepts.

Information about Chang Lab

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