Conference on Birational Geometry

Date & Time

Program Committee

For Ivan Cheltsov’s page on the conference, please click here.


Nicolas Addington Special Cubic 4-Folds and Apolarity
Valery Alexeev Involution Pairs
Florin Ambro Weakly Canonical Varieties
Asher Auel Serge Fourfold and Sextic Del Pezzo Fibrations
Caucher Birkar Recent Progress in Birational Geometry
Brendan Hassett Rationality in Families
Ludmil Katzarkov Central Manifolds
János Kollár Moduli of Stable Pairs
Shigefumi Mori Extremal Contractions of Dimension Three with Fiber Dimension 1
Jihun Park Asymptotic Invariants and K-Stability of Fano Varieties
Evegeny Shinder Degeneration of Stable Rationality via the Motivic Nearby Fiber
Costya Shramov Finite Groups of Birational Automorphisms
Jenia Tevelev Derived Category Moduli of Pointed Curves
Burt Totaro Hodge Theory and Representation Theory in Characteristic P
Yuri Tschinkel Homomorphisms of Multiplicative Groups of Fields Preserving Algebraic Dependence
Chenyang Xu Volume and Stability of Singularities


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