Relative Trace Formulas

Date & Time


Schloss Elmau
In Elmau 2, 82493 Krün Germany

Nicolas Templier, Cornell University
Sug Woo Shin, UC Berkeley
Werner Mueller, Universität Bonn

Past years:

The symposium will focus on the current status of knowledge of relative trace formulas and will bring together experts on different specialties.

Discussion topics include:

  • Period formulas and special values of L-functions. (notably recent progress on Gan-Gross-Prasad, and Ichino-Ikeda conjectures, and Yun-Zhang’s higher Gross-Zagier formula over function fields)
  • Relative and arithmetic fundamental lemmas and connections with geometric representation theory.
  • Recent results on non-vanishing of L-values and the subconvexity problem. (notably results of Blomer, Munshi, and others)
  • Automorphic spectrum: bounds towards Ramanujan, relative analogues of Sato-Tate equidistribution, and local and global harmonic analysis.


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