Simons Collaboration on the Nonperturbative Bootstrap Annual Meeting 2018

  • Organized by
  • Leonardo Rastelli, Ph.D.Professor, Stony Brook University
Date & Time

This is the second annual meeting of the Simons Collaboration on the Nonperturbative Bootstrap. It will bring to the Foundation headquarters all the PIs, postdocs and many graduate students of the Collaboration. The speakers will be chosen to give a representative picture of the different research areas within the Collaboration.

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  • Agendaplus--large


    9:30 AM Slava Rychkov (with a coda by Walter Landry) | Numerical conformal bootstrap: targets and software development
    10:30 AMBREAK
    11:00 AM David Poland | Bootstrapping the Minimal 3D SCFT
    11:30 AMSimon Caron-Huot | Simplicity of AdS5xS5 Supergravity
    12:00 PMLUNCH
    1:30 PMDavid Simmons-Duffin | Light-Ray Operators in CFT
    2:30 PMBREAK
    3:00 PMLeonardo Rastelli | The SCFT/Chiral Algebra Correspondence
    4:00 PMBREAK
    4:30 PMAmi Katz | Conformal Truncation on the Light-Cone


    9:30 AMJoão Penedones | Bootstrapping QCD: The Pion Lake
    10:30 AMBREAK
    11:00 AMZohar Komargodski | An update on the Coulomb Branch Bootstrap 1
    11:30 AMLiam Fitzpatrick | Information Loss and Bulk Reconstruction in AdS_3/CFT_2
    12:00 PMLUNCH
    1:00 PMSilviu Pufu | M-theory and String Theory S-Matrix From CFT
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    Group A
    The foundation will arrange and pay for all air and train travel to the conference for those in Group A. Please provide your travel specifications by clicking the registration link above. If you are unsure of your group, please refer to your invitation sent via email.
    Group B
    The foundation will arrange and pay for up to three nights hotel stay for participants in Group B. If you are unsure of your group or number of nights that will be covered, please refer to your invitation sent via email.
    Group C
    Individuals in Group C will not receive travel or hotel support. Please register at the link above so we can capture your dietary requirements. If you are unsure of your group, please refer to your invitation sent via email.

    Personal Car

    For participants in Groups A&B driving to Manhattan, The Roger Hotel offers valet parking. Please note there are no in-and-out privileges when using the hotel’s garage, therefore it is encouraged that participants walk or take public transportation to the Simons Foundation.
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    The Simons Foundation is pleased to have you as our guest in New York City. The foundation will host guests at The Roger Hotel.

    The Roger New York
    131 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10016
    (between 30th and 31st Streets)

    To arrange accommodations, please register at the link above.

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    Travel Assistance

    Elise Volpe, Protravel International

    Meeting Assistance

    Emily Klein

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    Expense reimbursement will be handled online via our reimbursement platform hosted by Concur. Additional information in this regard will be sent at the conclusion of the annual meeting.

    Simons Non-Employee Reimbursement Policy (PDF)

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