Quantum Matter out of Equilibrium

Equilibrium and non-equilibrium modes of control of electronic properties. From Basov, Averitt and Hsieh, Nature Materials 16, 1077 (2017).

Control of non-equilibrium quantum many-body physics has been demonstrated in real materials under ambient or near-ambient conditions. Non-equilibrium phases in which structural, electronic and magnetic symmetries are manipulated by coherent stimulation are becoming accessible, presenting new opportunities for basic science and technological applications while posing deep theoretical questions and practical computational challenges. We are developing methods(including time dependent density functional theory, Keldysh-contour diagrammatic Monte Carlo and time dependent density matrix renormalization group) for computing the behavior of strongly driven quantum matter and applying the methods to topics ranging from the possibility of light-induced superconductivity to the use of Floquet engineering and valley control in obtaining topologically nontrivial electronic properties.

Project Leaders: Andrew Millis, Olivier Parcollet

Project Scientists: Angel Rubio, Martin Claassen, Giuliano Chiriaco (Columbia University), Denis Golez

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