Simons Foundation Statement Condemning Racist Violence

The Simons Foundation unequivocally condemns violence of any kind directed at people because of their race, color or country of origin.

We are extremely saddened to address here the ongoing hate crimes against the Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities in our country, the most widely publicized examples of which were recorded on video recently in New York City. These attacks, including Monday’s attack on a Filipina woman in Manhattan, are horrifying in their brutality. Such acts are sickening not only because of their violence but because bystanders did not intervene. This cannot and must not be permitted in our society.

As a foundation dedicated to advancing scientific research for the benefit of all people, we recognize the importance and value of human diversity and inclusion, both in the scientific enterprise and at our own place of work. Science and society suffer if any of us are singled out for persecution.

We stand united with the Asian and AAPI communities in vigorously decrying any act of racist violence, and we write to express our grief at these wrenching and senseless attacks on fellow human beings.

Marilyn and Jim Simons

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