Biophysics and
Development Seminar

The Biophysics and Development Seminar series is hosted by the Biophysical Modeling and Developmental Dynamics Groups.

For access to the webinar and other information about the seminar, please contact Camille Norrell,

Spring 2021 Schedule

DateTimeSpeaker, InstitutionTitle
January 11, 20211:00pmNikta Fakhri,
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
Broken Symmetries in Living Matter
January 25, 20211:00pm Fred Chang,
UC San Francisco
Life in a crowded environment: regulation of cytoplasmic density
February 8, 20211:00pmNick Jones,
Imperial College London
Survival of the densest accounts for the expansion of mitochondrial mutations in ageing
February 22, 202110:00amEnrico Coen,
John Innes Centre
From Patterning to Morphogenesis
March 1, 20211:00pmJane Kondev, Ph.D.,
Brandeis University
How Cells Measure Length
March 8, 20211:00pmGregory Voth,
University of Chicago
Overcoming the Multiscale Simulation Challenge for Biomolecular Systems
March 22, 20211:00pmKerwyn C. Huang,
Stanford University
Biophysics of bacterial cell growth and evolution
April 5, 202110:00amEdda Klipp,
Max Planck Institute for
Molecular Genetics
Optimality in COVID-19 vaccination strategies determined by heterogeneity in human-human interaction networksTBA
April 19, 202110:00amPierre Sens,Ph.D.,
Research Director - CNRS,
Team leader - Institut Curie
Modelling membrane-bound cellular organelles with non-equilibrium dynamics.
May 17, 202110:00amAnna Kreshuk, EMBLSingle cells in a whole organism: image analysis to prepare the ground
May 24, 202110:00amTsvi Tlusty, Ulsan National
Institute of Science and Technology
Protein: the physics of amorphous evolving matter

Fall 2020 Schedule

DateTimeSpeaker, InstitutionTitle
October 12, 20201:00pmAndrej Košmrlj,
Princeton University
Phase separation of multicomponent liquid mixtures
October 26, 20201:00pmSabine Petri,
Princeton University
How to make microtubules and build the mitotic spindle
November 9, 20201:00pmAurelien Roux, University of GenevaIn vitro reconstitution of tissue morphogenesis
November 23, 20201:00pmDavid Odde, University of MinnesotaMechanics of Brain Cancer Cell Migration
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