An immensely complex molecular network of interactions forms the foundation of human biology and disease. Genomic approaches provide a particularly illuminating window to biological systems, and when combined with advanced analysis allow us to learn and model this complexity.

The goal of CCB Genomics research is to interpret and distill this complexity through accurate analysis and modeling of molecular pathways, particularly those in which malfunctions lead to the manifestation of disease. We are inventing integrative methods for systems-level pathway modeling through integrative analysis of genome-scale datasets.

Research Highlights

A Multimodal and Integrated Approach to Interrogate Human Kidney Biopsies with Rigor and Reproducibility: Guidelines from the Kidney Precision Medicine Project

T El-Achkar, M Eadon, R Menon, B Lake, T Sigdel, T Alexandrov, S Parikh, G Zhang, D Dobib, K Dunn, E Otto, C Anderton, J Carson, J Luo, C. Park, H Hamidi, J Zhou, P Hoover, A Schroeder, M Joanes, E Azeloglu, R. Sealfon, S Winfree, B Steck, Y He, V D'Agnati, R Iyengar, O. Troyanskaya, L Barisoni, J Gaut , K Zhang, Z Laszik, B Rovin, P Dagher, K Sharma, M Sarwal, J Hodgin, C Alpers , M Kretzer, S Jain

Comprehensive and spatially mapped molecular atlases of organs at a cellular level are a critical resource to gain insights into…

Physiological Genomics

SARS-CoV-2 Transmission among Marine Recruits during Quarantine

A Letizia, I Ramos, A Obla, C Goforth, D Weir, Y Ge, M Bamman, J Dutta, E Ellis, L Estella , M George, A Gonzalez-Reiche, W Graham, A van de Guchte, R Gutierrez, F Jones, A Kalomoiri, R Lizewski, S Lizekwski, J Marayag, N Marjanovic, E Millar, V Nair, G Nudelman, E Nunez, B Pike, C Porter, J Regeimbal, S Rirak, E Santa Ana, R. Sealfon, R Sebra, M Simons, A Soares-Schanoski, V Sugiharto, M Termini, S Vangeti, C Williams, O. Troyanskaya, H van Bakel, S Sealfon

BACKGROUND The efficacy of public health measures to control the transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has…

New England Journal of Medicine

SARS-CoV-2 receptor networks in diabetic and COVID-19 associated kidney disease

R Menon, E Otto, R. Sealfon, V Nair, A. Wong, C Theesfeld, X. Chen, Y Wang, A Boppana, J Luo, Y Yang, P Kasson, J Schaub, C Berthier, S Eddy , C Lienczewski , B Godfrey, S Dagenais , R Sohaney, J Hartman, D Fermin, L Subramanian, H Looker , J Harder, L Mariani, J Hodgin, J Sexton, C Wobus , A Naik, R Nelson, O. Troyanskaya, M Kretzler

COVID-19 morbidity and mortality are increased via unknown mechanisms in patients with diabetes and kidney disease. SARS-CoV-2 uses angiotensin-converting enzyme…

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