From the bioRxiv: A Selection of Recently Posted Papers from SCGB Investigators and Others

Each month, SCGB scans the bioRiv for interesting papers from the SCGB community and beyond.


Linking stimuli and behavior with fast near-whole brain recordings in adult Drosophila

Sophie Aimon, Takeo Katsuki, Logan Grosenick, Michael Broxton, Karl Deisseroth, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Ralph J Greenspan



Transformation of head-direction signal into spatial code

Adrien Peyrache, Lisa Roux, Natalie Schieferstein, Gyorgy Buzsaki



Subcortical source and modulation of the narrowband gamma oscillation in mouse visual cortex

Aman B Saleem, Anthony D Lien, Michael Krumin, Bilal Haider, Miroslav Roman Roson, Asli Ayaz, Kimberley Reinhold, Laura Busse, Matteo Carandini, Kenneth D Harris



Linking structure and activity in nonlinear spiking networks

Gabriel Koch Ocker, Krešimir Josić, Eric Shea-Brown, Michael A. Buice



Ring attractor dynamics emerge from a spiking model of the entire protocerebral bridge

Kyobi S Kakaria, Benjamin L de Bivort



Automatically tracking neurons in a moving and deforming brain

Jeffrey P. Nguyen, Ashley N. Linder, George S. Plummer, Joshua W. Shaevitz, Andrew M. Leifer


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